Wake Up, Media. We don’t care about Inside Washington any more.

March 19, 2017

Confessions of a Teachers’ Pet.  Again.

Real confessions.  I’m in awe of Donald Trump.  A modern day Midas.  The master Salesman.  The master Carnival Barker.  The master Magician.  Yes, that’s the one.  Magician.  The master of Deflection.  The master of Illusion.  The master of Defining one’s own Space.  And the Master of Knowing one’s Audience.

At this last point I express my completer and utter frustration and disdain at the National News Organizations.  Get the hell out of DC, out of the East Coast, out of the West Coast.  You’re not playing to Trump’s America; your only cementing it further behind their Pied Piper.

Americans in Pittsburgh, in Little Rock, in Cheyenne don’t care about who said what about Obama, or supposed wiretaps (excuse me, “wiretaps”), or German handshakes.  These are all issues of the power elite talking about the power elite.  It’s Nero playing the fiddle while Rome burns.  It’s French polite society discussing the problem of the day and thinking the masses just need to each cake.  It’s my one reader and me bitching about Republican Hypocrisy.

Russians & Obama & NATO & CIA — these are all Inside Politics diversions from tackling the real issues.  And Trump the Turnip wants the so-called news stations to stay on these subjects and away from the policies that really affect his voters, because the Turnip knows that he can’t deliver (and doesn’t really care to).  If the News Media would just stay on his Budget, where we have his first massive (“it’s complicated”) look-see at priorities and problem solving, they’d find it does nothing for ‘Trumpian” America (although, of course, it does so much for true Trumpites — corporate and wealthy America).

The budget feasts on the social programs and health programs that down-on-their-luck Americans count on to get them through tough times.  The budget does nothing to create the promised jobs.  It does nothing to make America WIN again, unless winning means picking a fight and going to war.  And Middle America knows its sons are the Cannon Fodder for wars, so it is dead-set against war.  (Who wants war?  The corporate interests that profit off wars against countries where they have no interests, i.e., North Korea – what a perfect war target!)

Hey, MSNBC, CNN, Huffington Post, DailyKos – drop the stories on DC infighting — and we all know a drained swamp is not a pretty sight – and the uglier the more effective the draining is seems to be.  Media – get your ass to WV, Ohio, Iowa, and let them know what the budget-proposed policies are doing, going to do, and not going to do to their towns, communities, places of business and local stores.

Show them the face of how Trump is betraying their interests and helping the same old interests that have always been on top — corporations, insiders, wealthy.

You have to understand that Trump’s draining the swamp is no different than Bernie’s talk of Revolution.  Thrum’s stepping on toes is what will happen in a takeover.  If you voted for Trump, you want all this mishmash; it’s exactly the kind of reaction from the embedded power brokers that you hoped for and expected.  Those cronies on the inside are trying to define the rules and make themselves look good, but Trump, speaking for Trumpsters everywhere, had to re-define the rules to create his takeover.  Stop making him look the success.

But Trumpsters don’t view draining the swamp as the goal of this administration (and this is where they are not in the same boat as people like Bannon), they want to drain the swamp as a means to getting back their own sense of power over their lives.  And they know that having a safety net of government provided food or support for health insurance is actually empowering – it gives them the ability to take risks, chances, experiments to improve themselves.  When there is no fallback, then they are trapped by lack of support and lack of opportunity.  They are stuck.

And this is where the anti-Trump media should focus.  Not on Russian Bogeymen.

Fox actually does it right.  Watch their news.  They don’t focus on the Turnip.  They actually talk about events around America, and even around the world.  Like news used to be.  It actually makes people feel better about themselves because they see their lives in other people’s lives.  (It also gives people an alternative to the non-stop Insider Gossip.)

But we need to expose Trumpites and Republicans for what they are.  People who look downcast on the ‘non-successful” and believe everyone else is getting what they deserve.  Republicans are no one’s friends, no matter how they sell themselves. They are the people’s enemies, not caring two cents about the people’s interests.

That is the point that must be exposed.

Hollow values destroying Middle America.

Media, stick to what matters outside the beltway.  These policies, polices that destroy our lives, must be stopped.

Those are my confessions.  More – much more – to come.  What are your thoughts about this post?






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