They Want Trump

Confessions of Teachers’ Pet. Written 12-16-2016.  Likely you won’t believe me.

I understand.  A portion of Americans simply said, “I want a job.  I want to feel safe.  I want to be left alone.”

They selected Donald Trump as the one to provide that.  Not to lead them, nor inspire.  But provide.

They chose the amoral one, because they had been convinced over 25 years that immorality abounded among Democrats, Washingtonians, Liberals.  So, one who never felt bad, felt guilty, felt remorse is therefore the Strong One to stand up to all the forces that have pushed them aside, made them feel small, and sucked the power totally out of them.  Donald Trump would be the Champion of the Powerless.

How afraid I am.  History has played this song over and over.  It rarely ends any other way than one group turned against another group, and the [already] powerful strengthening their power.  Liberties quashed, Freedom sacrificed on the altar of safety, and an Economy in shambles as any ideas about growth & innovation get squashed by the protectionists.  One job.  One business.  One nation.

We came from an economy on the rise in 2016, few conflicts abroad, and great liberties at home, yet we picked stark amoral power-lusting leadership.  No other way to say this, but it’s a complete rejection of openness toward anyone who is not like “me”.  The Great 50 Year Experiment in Civil Rights, in personal acceptance, has been repudiated and rejected.

The lust for power and protection will lead us down the road travelled by every tyrant and mini-tyrant in government, politics, business, and industry.  There will be no truth, but ONE.

My entire education and value system has been struck asunder.

And that was my note to myself that led to this Blog.

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